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How do I buy coins?

Simple follow the three steps;

  1. Choose the platform
  2. Choose the amount of coins you would like to purchase for example 100,000
  3. List any player for sale on Madden ultimate team with the buy now price as 100,000 and the start price as it instructs you.
  4. Add to cart and check out
  5. Now simple wait 2 minutes and your player will be purchased and you will then find your coins in your account.                                                                              

I have not received my coins, what do I do?

You can email support@mobilemaddencoins.com with your query. Alternatively, you can head over to live chat chat on the bottom right hand corner of the page and we will be happy to help you. 90% of the time your coins should be sent to you on time however sometimes there may be a some delays as we may not be able to find your player so please keep a look out on your emails as we will contact you.

If we don’t receive a reply with in 7 days we will refund your order.

How to contact you?

Twitter, Email or Livechat!

How can I pay?

You can pay via paypal and skrill. 

Can I sell coins to you?

Yes ofcourse you can sell coins, just head over to the sell your coins tab and enter all the details. Once you submit your form we will get back to you when we are ready to buy. You will be pleased to know we offer the best rates.

Can you sponser me?

Yes we are always looking to sponser youtubers/streamers/bloggers so head over to contact us and inform us of your channel and provide a link to it.

Please be aware we will verify you own the channel so please do not waste your time.

How do I know you guys are legit?

We are one of the new websites however, We at mobile madden coins have headhunted the best staff from our competitors and hired them here. You can check out our social media from customers who have purchased from us and check out our review page to see all the happy customers for yourself.

Can I pay in different currencies?

Check out the top right of our website and you will be able to change the currency

What happens if my player expires and I don’t receive my coins?

If you do not receive your coins and your player expires please relist the same player for sale for the same amount or place another player for sale and emails us the new details.

Will I be compensated if I receive my coins late?

Yes we take delivery time very seriously at madden mobile coins which is why if you don’t receive your coins with in a hour we will compensate you with a 5% discount code on your next order.

Can I trade my coins?

Yes just head over to contact us and tell us how many coins you have and what you would like to trade them for.